A brand new blog + my upcoming trips

Four years ago I started a travel blog. You’re probably thinking ‘What? Four years ago?‘, but it’s true. As you can read on the About-page of this blog, my first solo trip to Kopenhagen was a huge succes and so, six months later, I had also seen London, Dublin, Belfast, Paris and a big part of Italy. I loved it so much, and I took so many great pictures that starting a travel blog made sense to me. What else can I say, I’m a storyteller by heart. And so I started A Girl from Holland.

Unfortunately, things turned out a little different than planned. I was doing pretty bad for quite a while, healthwise. And so I stayed at home, back in my comfort zone, where I quickly removed my blog (with only 6 posts at the time) because it simply reminded me too much of my dream and how incredibly out of reach it was.

Fist time traveling alone, Copenhagen – 2015

Four years later

Fast forward to four years later… I recovered fully and feel stronger than ever. I’ve learned to appreciate my body even more and live my life way more consciously now. This probably sounds super cliche, but being sick really taught me so much. It made me realize that it makes no sense to postpone my dreams (especially when based on fear), and on top of that, that I don’t necessarily need to be like everyone else.  Years ago I would worry so much about everyones opinion and now I simply follow my gut, my inner voice, or however you’d like to call it. Because it tells me exactly who I am and what I want in life.

And so I learned Spanish and travelled around Spain (where I also lived for two months), I visited Italy again, Bulgaria, Istanbul and Athens, and a day doesn’t go by without checking Google maps and the Skyscanner app. I guess it’s true what they say: Traveling is addicting!

Living in Valencia, Spain for a few months – 2019

My biggest dream: Traveling fulltime + writing a book

And yet, this is not going to be one of those typical travel blogs, full of selfies on touristy places and tips on all of those pretty destinations. I believe the world wide web is already oversaturated by those and I don’t think I have anything to add to that. I however, still wish to see the world and explore other cultures, learn from the habits and visions of others while I keep growing personally. I never want to stop learning, and try to approach the world with an open mind. And of course, write about that.

It’s also a dream of mine to write a book some day. A book about happiness, and how to find it and stuff. Full of contributions of people I meet at my travels and filled with stories about even the tiniest ways to be happy. A book that makes you live in the moment and notice everything that is, but that also gives you the courage to just go for it when you have a dream, no matter how big. Kinda like what I’m currently doing…

Lugano, Switserland – 2019

My upcoming trips

And so I’ve planned lots of travels, to explore all of the magical places around the world! In September I’m heading back to Ireland (where I once almost died cause apparently I’m a thrill seeker), Northern Ireland (full of memories from when my bestie lived there), the South of France (childhood sentiment) and then off to Jordan and Morocco. Feel free to read along!




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August 23, 2019 at 09:08 AM

Hiiiiio dear
It’s me loubna ,omg am so happy for you Your words touched me a lot
I was super lucky that I meet you in personal I was really happy been and share the room , you were such a gorgeous girl sensitive poeerful. She knows what she wants and when she can stops and start again
Dear friend wish you a happy life and waiting to see you again
By the way wait for my surprise toooo am writing a book about my life out of morocco.

August 23, 2019 at 09:08 AM
– In reply to: Loubna

Ahh sweety, thanks a lot! I was happy to meet you as well! Hugs from Holland!

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